End of Summer Wind Down

Now that Labor Day has come to pass it’s the unofficial end of summer, (the actual “end” of summer falls on September 22nd this year). A sad time for most of us fortunate enough to call the Crystal Coast and Outer Banks home, the fact that we still have some lovely weather to enjoy before it gets too cold, is truly a blessing. The added bonus, is it gives us a few extra weeks to prepare for the oncoming winter and catch up on things we’ve otherwise put off all summer.

Before you put all the gardening tools away for the season be sure to get at those flower beds and any other trouble spots. Free your garden from any weeds and if you’ve got anything to plant, that holds/lasts over the winter season, be sure to get it in the ground now. You won’t have much to worry about in the dead of winter, aside from keeping the yard clear once fall hits and the leaves start to fall, but you’ll appreciate any preparation you’re able to give yourself on the start of next season.

Another tip is to go ahead and get those gutters clear and maybe give your roof another check, both inside and out. You may not have any problems at the moment, but let any of the aforementioned go completely and you may be looking at an extremely untimely repair that could have been prevented while it’s still comfortable outside. With things like the roof, we suggest inside and out because although the outside may be in good shape, you may have leaks/drafts from the inside that although don’t cost on the “roofing” side itself, could cost you in loss of heat or increased cost during the colder months. Same should be said for any windows and doors and their respective seals, the last thing you want is a cold house or substantial utility bill that could have been prevented.

The last thing to worry about may not be on everyone’s list, but if so should be a main priority and that’s a neglected chimney. Even if your chimney isn’t used as a primary heat source, if you plan on burning at any time this winter you’re going to want to give it a good once over or possibly call in a professional. Being absolutely certain that your chimney is clean and in good working order can easily be a literal lifesaver. A house fire from a subpar chimney is no laughing matter.

We don’t want to hit anyone while they’re already down with all this talk of the approaching winter season. As of this writing, it has been one of the most beautiful weeks in recent memory here on the coast. So get out and enjoy that last taste of summer while you still can…and don’t forget to batten down the hatches while you’re out there.