Home Window Selection

Emerald Isle NC Custom Home Builder

Home Window Selection

Emerald Isle NC Custom Home BuilderIt’s not rocket science these days to know quality windows in your home will save you money in the long run. From energy savings, or possible savings in the cleaning department, there’s more to think about when selection is in mind than ever before. What should you be looking for when choosing though?

Functionality is a great place to start with window consideration. In our grandparents day if you wanted to clean that upstairs window you had to get a ladder out and do some climbing, or possibly worse for some, hang outside the window itself. Thankfully these days, most windows will open from the inside, saving you time, money and most importantly hassle.

Know the saying, you get what you pay for? Things could never be more true when it comes to windows as well. Most folks may not know you can get more than double paned however. If you decide to go with triple-paned windows, it may cost more with the initial investment but the energy savings you’ll begin to see practically immediately will have those new windows paying for themselves in no time.

If you’re paying for the highest quality of window, don’t fall back when it comes to installation either. No matter how many panes, or energy efficient your new purchase may be, if they’re incorrectly installed then you may as well have thrown that money out of the old windows. Although the windows you picked out should have a nice, tight, fit to begin with, you’ll want to have room for shims and insulation. After the new windows are fitted into the existing trim, fill all of your gaps with traditional fiberglass insulation or expanding foam. Double checking for drafts is a must before putting the finished stamp on the project, otherwise you’ll be left with drafts and the same electricity bill you had before you purchased the newer energy efficient models.

Small things to look out for overall, but a little homework beforehand and a close eye during installation, will make sure your new windows keep your home nice and cozy for years to come. It’s a big investment for the long haul, so do your research and make the choices that are best for you. If you have questions they’re are window professionals who will have no problem explaining the different nuances of one unit and another. So ask questions, and think smart and your decisions will keep the rain out, and the sun coming in, once things are all said and done.